Fremont County Treasure

Why do we start with treasure hunts in Fremont County? Well the fact that we live here has something to do with it. Also, the climate helps. You can actually get out to all of these treasure and clue locations almost any day of the year. While you might have to go through some snow in the winter at a few of the locations, it is rarely deep. There are some cold days, but the average high temperature here in Canon City in January is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

As mentioned on the rules page, you should have a GPS unit, a compass, a camera and the usual hiking gear. Read the clues carefully to can determine what other helpful items you may want to bring. Be aware that it can be very hot in the summer here, so bring plenty of water for the longer treasure hunts. You should also know that there are bears, snakes, and mountain lions in the area.

This is one of the oldest Colorado counties, dating back to before 1870. The Royal Gorge Canyon has been a part of its history since prehistoric times. Native Americans frequented the canyon, Spanish Conquistadors passed through it, and it is said that Zebulon Pike explored it by traveling on the ice of the Arkansas River in the winter of 1806 (but I have never seen it freeze).

The famous (at least here) explorer, Captain John Fremont, arrived in 1843. My own town of CaƱon City was incorporated in 1872. The Colorado Territory prison was built here in 1871. Five years later Colorado became a state.

Fremont County has hot springs, scenic gorges, lakes and woods. You are going to love some of the views you’ll get tracking down these treasures. You’ll see snow-capped peaks fifty miles away. You’ll hike down hidden canyons, and pass old mines along the way. ready to get started? Here is the first of the Fremont County Treasure Hunts:

The clue page for the second Fremont County hunt can only be accessed by completing the first, and then the third only by completing the second, and so on for the first six. (you’ll be given all the information you need as you go). Good luck!