Organizing a birthday for kids could be a week-long of stress and hard work for some parents. It would seem like a treasure hunt for them. Most kids want a birthday party as its an essential day of the year. They are full of expectation from their parent and its left for the parent to make their wish come through.

As a parent, you will have to invite family and friends, make plans for different activities, prepare snacks and meal. All this could be time-consuming for parents who are workaholic.

Treasure Hunts game for Kids

The most terrible task could be finding ways to entertain the children for at least 2hrs or more without any of the kids getting frustrated or bored. Achieving this mission could be very difficult, especially when kids between the age of 3-8yrs old are involved. We will discuss excellent ideas for varieties of events for kids of different age group.

Allow The Children To Entertain Themselves

You need to find a means of creating an avenue for the kids to play all by themselves for a more extended period.

The activities need to be fixed precisely for an age group. Some of this events could be games or sport like, which will keep the kids very busy while others stay back, watch and cheer. Below are few samples of the events for kids:

Potato Sack Race:

Sure most of us know this racing event right from childhood. Kids from different groups are made to stand inside a sack, pull it up and hold it with their hands while running back and forth the race line.


Make the participating kids hold a spoon and an egg inside the spoon. They will have to run with the egg and spoon without allowing it drop on their way. Anyone who falls his/hers loses the race. It could get messy as kids are bound to break some of the eggs.

Kids Quiz:

Having a quiz is a way of testing the kid’s intellect. This kind of game is for older kids, and they will have varieties of topics to choose. There must be little prizes for kids that are successful.

Have A Sing-Along Game:

Having a sing-along for the kids could be fun as they will be made to sing along to music that is in play. You can have a karaoke for older kids.

Organize A Treasure & Scavenger Hunt For Kids:

Treasure Hunt and scavenger hunt could be the favorite fun event for kids. Kids are organized in groups and are made to compete with each other by following and unveiling clues. The clues will direct them to the next point of clues until they get to where the treasure is hidden.

No doubt, a treasure hunt is an exciting game event which can be done by children of all age group. It can also be performed either in the backyard or inside the house.

This activity for kids is fabulous because it has many fun elements: the kids have to be solving riddles/puzzles and to find the particular hiding place of the following clues until they get to the treasures.

Therefore, the most challenging part of organizing a treasure hunt for kids is the creation of the games’ rules and riddles/puzzle.

You have to create time to prepare riddles/puzzles and also hide treasures before the commencement of the game. As soon as the game begins, the kids will get busy for at least one hour or more.

Scavenger hunt tends to be easier compared to treasure hunt. There are no clues or puzzle, to solves, rather only list of item to be searched for are made available. Hence, it has a similarity to treasure hunt which is the search part. Kids that are not up to puzzle solving age can be made to go on a scavenger hunt game.