The Treasure Chest

Get To Your Third Solution Page and Claim Your Treasure!

In addition to the occasional real treasures that can be found on site, when you complete three treasure hunts and submit your evidence (see the Treasure Hunt Rules).

These normally sell between $5 and $9. If you have a particularly interesting story to share about your search – one we can use on the site – you can have another book as well. Here are your options:

Your Treasure Chest Selections

Money Saving Secrets

What if you knew ways to spend less on almost everything? What would you do with the money you saved? Travel? Buy something nice for someone you love? Cut your hours at work and relax a little more? The possibilities are endless. There are more than 400 ways to save money listed in Part Two of the book, including ways too get free dental x-rays and tire repairs.

The real value in the book, however, is in Part One. This is the part that will really change your thinking. You’ll see how to get more for your money – more of what really matters to you. You’ll learn about the studies in “behavioral economics,” how that research is being used to manipulate you, and what you can do about it. You’ll learn the “7 Keys” as well.