Firstly, it must be known that scavenger hunting is different from treasure hunting. In a scavenger hunt, participating members are given a list of items to search and collect, or mission they are expected to accomplish.

treasure hunt clues

After the task is complete, the objects/items are submitted and counted by the officials and prizes is given to the deserving participant. While Treasure hunt, on the other hand, is more cerebral pursuance in nature. Teammates will have to come together and find ways to solve questions about clues on how to get to a nominated spot.

Clues Types

A treasure hunt is more challenging than a scavenger hunt. In a treasure hunt, the team leader is also known as the master who creates clues rather than drafting a list of items, and they must be excellent and concrete clues. The clues must also be attractive, spark interest, and need a lot of patients. Must also be innovative and problem-solving. The hints are in a smorgasbord shapes, and it must be kept as Coordinated action, puzzles, codes, and trivia.

Coordination Clues

These are clues that base on limited information and are of more of cooperation between the team members. Intelligently created coordination clues channel the team into dynamic tasks, to the knowledge that a person can’t take particular functions.

Puzzling Clues

Puzzle and Code clues require a separate brain and tend to enchant the most distinct, generally intense effects!

Acknowledge a hint encrypted in Morse code. The marks and parts can make some turn to light-headed, while others members might embrace the hurdle.

The relevant code and puzzle gives room for creative reasoning as a result of clues give birth to creative thinking as a product of number-eccentric members puzzle solving alongside advanced arts orientated participants.

Treasure hunts are lovely for building unity among team members for the fact that they make you crack your brain enormously. It makes everyone to brainstorm, strategizes, communicate and often catch a recess and return to the difficulty later.

Trivia Clues

Trivia clues influence on players’ combined experience. Ideally, hints ask for members to produce their surplus characters to uncovered. For example, a sports addict, a TV enthusiast and a book-lover all draw several points to the platform.

Just similar to a series of Trivial Pursuit, by affecting the use of those different angles. Players all together have a better chance of reversed planning a solution, be it sports, arts and recreation or books.