Finding treasures is everyone’s childhood dream. Wanting to lay down in a trove of gold, silvers and jewels, and hitting it rich! Living in the lap of luxury, now that is something every one of dreamed of!

And movies like “Treasure Planet”, or the “Indiana Jones” series makes you want to get up off your ass and explore the great outdoors. To have the adventure of a lifetime and find that chest of unfathomable treasures. Lucky for you, there are hundreds, if not thousands, still waiting to be found. And it will take years to find them all!

where can i find treasure


This state is like the lost treasure capital of USA. With the long history of the Wild West days carved on it’s stones and mountains, this was a gold rush hub. Tales of outlaw loots buried in its heart. Stories of outlaws burying their loot, but dying before they can get back too it are just so many, many believe it’s still out there.

One story of such is the Mineral Park treasure. Supposedly, 5 armed men robbed a saloon in this booming mining camp, then went and rob a stagecoach just outside the same camp carrying a box of gold bars, dust and nuggets weighing 400 pounds. It was too heavy to carry, so they decided to bury the box beside the road. Unfortunately, the robbers were found just a few hours after and were all killed in the gunfight.


This state has a lot of treasures to be proud of. Historical to the natural beaus can be found here. Among the tales of treasures that this state holds, one among them must be the oldest in its history. LA Caverna del Oro. This cave that can be found 15,000 feet above the marble mountain was considered an evil place by Indians. It was a story passes down generation after generation among them.

But when the Spanish explorers came, they forced their Indian slaves to mine the gold out. Of course, after a while rebellion broke loose, and the Indians killed almost every, except one Spanish monk who convinced them he has suppressed the evil spirits in the mountain. Tonnes of gold was mined, but the monk along with the remaining Spanish explorers killed the slaves. And some treasure was left behind. Even though the entrance was found in present, the legend of a locked door somewhere in the mine is still circulating.


Yet another treasure hotspot in the country, it was one of the states affected by the gold rush fever. From tales of unfortunate safes being taken away by flood to prospectors burying their loot. This place will make your skin crawl with the amount of gold they manage to lose after so much work.

One that might be the most interesting was the Lost Whiskey Cache of the Nye Country. It’s treasure that isn’t treasure. It was a delivery of whiskey that was lost in a sand storm. It might not be gold, but if found, it will be worth a lot of money to some alcohol connoisseurs today.