Treasure Hunt GameTreasure hunts are fun, not only because they allow you to work your brain in solving the different clues, but you also get to work and socialize with other people. Nonetheless, these games can be nerve wracking, especially because they are so hard to win in most cases. We have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you win your next treasure hunt.

A Different Perspective

Whenever you find yourself stuck, it helps to stop and consider other angles. Try thinking like the person who created the hunt. Look at their style, and a couple of other combinations, usually the questions and answers they constructed when coming up with the treasure hunt. Always keep in mind that the secret to the ultimate answer lies in the original question.


You should have a strategy in hand before the actual hunt begins. You cannot afford to waste even a few seconds during the treasure hunt, looking confused. Follow your strategy to avoid wasting time, but do not forget go with the flow. After all, it’s just a game.

Be Prepared To Run

If it’s an outdoor treasure hunt, you should be ready to run so that you can get to clues before anyone else. For a competitive treasure hunt, you can start training a few days prior, although it’s not necessary. You can easily win, even with zero training.

It’s Supposed To Be Fun

As you go about trying to solve the clues and discover the treasure, do not forget that it’s supposed to be a fun game. This will relax your mind and take the edge off.

You will also realize that you can solve the puzzles faster when you are not worried about winning or getting to the final prize. Try to enjoy the game as much as you can.

Team Up With Friends

Being partners with people you know well lets you coordinate easily, as opposed to teaming up with strangers.  You can yell at each other during the game without having to worry about offending anyone, and laugh about it once the hunt is over.

Study Your Environment

Before the hunt begins, look around you and take mental notes of what you see. If you are outdoors, knowing the routes come in handy, especially because taking the shortest one gives you an advantage over the other participants. If the treasure hunt will take place in an area you are not familiar with, use google maps to check out the routes beforehand.

Prepare For Unexpected Weather

Outdoors treasure hunts can turn messy during poor weather; harsh winds or rain. If you want to win, get there with the right gear, ready to conquer despite heavy rains, mud or extreme wind. While other people are caught off-guard and waste precious time trying to get comfortable in the weather, you will be way ahead of them solving clues and getting to the final stage.

There is no given formula for winning a treasure hunt. This is because all hunts are created with different ideas in mind. However, trying out a few of our tips and tricks will guarantee you a win every once in a while.