Every treasure hunters dream is to be able to detect metals, coins, gold or any other form of treasures that can be found underground or below the water surfaces. One of the fascinating searching spree treasure hunters go for is underwater treasure hunting.  Whether you are doing your search in a few feet of water or doing deep sea treasure hunting on ship-wrecks, you will require the water-resistant capability of an underwater detector. Underwater treasure hunting can be done in freshwater or sea water.

While treasure hunting on both water bodies may seem similar, there is, however, a slight difference when it comes to hunting for treasure under seawater or freshwater bodies. The difference lies in the type of metal detectors used in hunting treasures under both water surfaces.

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Metal Detectors for Freshwater and Seawater Treasure Hunting.

Whereas several metal detectors can only be suitable for freshwater treasure hunting, others may only be good for seawater treasure hunting.  Other metal detectors also have the ability to work in both seawater and freshwater.  However, there exists a slight difference between a metal detector used in freshwater and seawater hunting. So, what is this difference?

According to studies done by underwater metal detectors manufactures, metal detectors for both water bodies vary. A metal detector meant for freshwater treasure hunting may not work best in seawater due to mineralization. Seawater has the ability to form coats on metal surfaces and hinder the possibility of detecting metals under the water if the type of material used on the detector is not meant for sea water.

Due to the difference in pressure in both water bodies, metal detectors are made in such a way that they can withstand the high pressure. Seawater has a high density compared to freshwater hence exerts more pressure at the same level compared to freshwater. Metal detectors for seawater are therefore designed to cope up with the high underwater pressure as compared to freshwater metal detectors.

Though the difference between freshwater and seawater treasure hunting may be slight, as a treasure hunter, it is important that you understand the difference.